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What is PrepareSoCal?
PrepareSoCal is an American Red Cross multi-region campaign designed to address the needs of individuals and families to prepare for disasters, small and large, by providing tips, tools, and training. In addition to this, it helps to promote community resiliency with a focus on Southern California’s most vulnerable communities. Read more

Why do we need PrepareSoCal?
It’s pretty simple. We want to help save lives. We can do this by working within the community, building a volunteer core of strong. Moreover, preparing families who can take care of themselves and their neighbors. Furthermore, know what to do during a local or personal emergency. Read more

What Is A Vulnerable Community?
In fact, disasters and emergencies impact some neighborhoods more than others. Consequently, vulnerable communities are the most affected and the least resilient. Because they already low resources are taxed even further by unexpected traumatic events. Hence, there are some factors that increase a community’s vulnerability are:

  • Single parent households
  • Minimal education
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Car-less households
  • Non-working multiple family dependents
  • Population density
  • Low income

Where are PrepareSoCal vulnerable communities?

Los Angeles Region:

First Year

  • Van Nuys
  • El Monte and South El Monte
  • East Los Angeles
  • Paramount
  • Koreatown
Second Year

  • Pacoima
  • Rosemead
  • Westlake/Pico Union
  • Bell Gardens
  • Compton
Third Year

  • Pomona
  • South LA
  • Wilmington
  • San Fernando
  • Huntington Park

Desert to the Sea Region:

  • Hemet
  • Victorville
  • Ontario
  • Anaheim
  • Cathedral City

Central California Region:

  • Oxnard
  • Carpinteria
  • Bakersfield

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Why Is Resiliency Important?
It is important for a community to possess the physical, psychological, social and economic capacity to withstand. Especially, quickly adapt to and successfully recover from a disaster.

How Can We Turn Vulnerable Communities Into Reslient Ones?
It starts with one person, and then…community-red-cross-help

  • Engaging community stakeholders
  • Community leaders
  • Elected officials
  • Government agencies
  • Organizations and businesses
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Local health organizations

All unified around the shared goal of strengthening community resilience.

How can the Red Cross help my community?
The Red Cross will provide unique opportunities for training and involvement such as

  • Home Fire Preparedness
  • High School Red Cross Clubs
  • Ready When the Time Comes™ Teams
  • Community Resiliency Ambassadors
  • Map Your Neighborhood Trainers
  • Disaster Preparedness Trainings
  • Ready Rating™
  • First Aid/CPR Classes
  • The Pillowcase Project (preparedness)
  • Volunteers