As the smallest year one vulnerable community, Paramount’s population of nearly 55,000 is reflective of an All-America City. As a targeted PrepareSoCal vulnerable community, Paramount ranks 51 in vulnerability. Following are resiliency-building efforts by the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region to strengthen partnerships and implement community coalitions that enable Paramount to flourish given its direct route to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, four major freeways, and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


To strengthen and expand community-based partnerships and coalitions, the Los Angeles Region met with the local Neighborhood Watch on National Night Out to provide information on sheltering in place, as well as offering information to obtain speakers for their meetings.

The coalition chose to obtain appointments at the Grand Opening of a new splash park in August and members secured over 100 appointments for smoke alarm installations. On August 29, the coalition did an installation in the “Sans” area of Paramount, which is the most vulnerable area of the city.paramount2.fw

The Red Cross Los Angeles Region expanded the partnership to include the school district and have worked with emergency services personnel to plan upcoming shelter drills as well as future smoke alarm installation events.

News & Updates

 Disaster Preparedness Event in Paramount

 Map of Paramount Community



Red Cross coalition building efforts
in Paramount include partner relationships with the following:

• Paramount Chamber of Commerce
• City of Paramount
• Los Angeles Fire Department
• Los Angeles County Sheriff Department
• Neighborhood Watch
• Emmanuel Reformed Church
• Paramount Rotary Club
• Paramount Senior Living
Paramount Unified School District
• Paramount Petroleum
• Total-Western, Inc.
• Wal-Mart
• Foursquare Spanish Ministeries


Home Fire Preparedness Smoke Alarm Installation – Saturday, March 19 (Paramont)

Home Fire Preparedness Smoke Alarm Installation – Saturday, April 16 (Paramont)

Home Fire Preparedness Smoke Alarm Installation – Saturday, May 7 (Paramount)

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