What Is PrepareSoCal: The Campaign to Prepare SoCal for Disasters

 What Is PrepareSoCalPrepareSoCal: The Campaign to Prepare Southern California for a Catastrophic Disaster

PrepareSoCal is an American Red Cross initiative designed to address the needs of individuals and families in Southern California. To prepare for disasters, small and large, by providing tips, tools, and training, and to promote community resiliency.

PrepareLA  is a subset of the PrepareSoCal initiative that engages and educates individuals, families and communities about preparedness within Los Angeles County.

 A Vital Campaign Reaching Ambitious Goals

Prepare SoCal is a public awareness campaign to create more resilient communities that are better equipped to help each other prevent, prepare for and respond to life-threatening disasters. Being prepared is the key to surviving a disaster, and Prepare SoCal wants to help viewers be prepared.


Strengthen Our Vulnerable Communities in the Face of Disaster 

Increase disaster awareness, preparedness capacity and overall resiliency in vulnerable communities.

Despite all the beauty and opportunity California offers, threats of disasters exist and can cause great damage and take lives.  PrepareSoCal offers a number of programs designed to engage and train communities, community leaders and business in how we, as Southern Californian’s, to be better prepared for disasters, big or small.

Review how to prepare for the disasters 

Train Communities to Be Prepared SoCal

Train Communities to Be Prepared

Increase regional resilience through county-wide readiness, disaster communications, and public awareness initiatives.

We are identifying and training Red Cross residents in communities across the southland. Focusing on disaster preparedness training to vulnerable and underserved communities. Through PrepareSoCal, we will conduct preparedness education in all our covered counties and train residents in First Aid, CPR and how to use automated external defibrillators.


Learn what types of disasters or emergencies might occur in your area and how to deal with them