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Learn how you can protect your loved ones and be ready for emergencies large or small. The Ready or Not: Prepare for Chance episodes tell the story of instructor-in-training, Chance Delancy, and a group of neighbors whose emergency plans are put to the test. Through their adventures you will learn how to create your own family plan, build your supply kit and safely respond to emergencies when the time comes.

Course Outline:
Ready or Not: Prepare for Chance - 10min 54sec
Episode 1: Chance’s Big Chance - 2min 55sec
Episode 2: Ready-to-Go Rose - 2min 3sec
Episode 3: Tina’s Fam Makes a Plan - 2min 20sec
Episode 4: Miguel's Prepared, Not Scared - 2min 12sec
Episode 5: Mr. Lee's Winning Team - 2min 34sec


20min 56sec

Mar 08, 2013

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