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Created more than 000 evacuation plans

Installed more than 000 smoke alarms

Conducted more than 000 in-home visits​


Victorville is located at the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert, 81 miles (130 km) northeast of Los Angeles, 34 miles (55 km) south of Barstow, 48 miles (77 km) east of Palmdale, and 37 miles (60 km) north of San Bernardino through the Cajon Pass on Interstate 15. Victorville is the location of offices of the “Mojave Desert Branch” of the San Bernardino County government.

Originally named Victor after Jacob Nash Victor, a construction superintendent for the California Southern Railroad (Santa Fe Railroad), Victorville is located at the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert. Population and area: approximately 116,000 residents over 74.2 square miles. High poverty rates with 19.2% of residents who fall below the poverty line.

Major hazards: Extreme weather temperatures, fires, flooding, and earthquakes.
Citizens can participate in C.E.R.T (Citizens Emergency Response Team). Members of CERT are trained to provide assistance in major disasters, especially those where first responders (fire department, paramedics, police, etc.) are unable to respond.

Map of Victorville


Regional Leadership

Andrea E. Davis


Andrea is the Director of Global Crisis Management and Business Continuity for The Walt Disney Company where she oversees an enterprise-wide department that is responsible for all-hazards emergency planning and testing for Disney and its affiliates world-wide.

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Bruce Bunker Daly

Vice Chair

Bruce Bunker Daly is a Principal with Deloitte & Touche’s Enterprise Risk Services group in Los Angeles and has been with the company for approximately two decades.

Javier Angulo

Director of Community Affairs

Javier Angulo joined Walmart in 2011 as Director of Community Affairs and is responsible for public affairs and government relations in Los Angeles County.

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